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cage of angel
etemenaki awaits...
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26th-Feb-2011 05:20 pm(no subject)
my eyes are little fishes, viscous, darting in brimming tears;
My mouth, the scansion of teeth, teeth too fond of the tapping tongue,
muttering in epithelial staccatos;
An ill felt wind was out of tune,
as measur'd aeons died
please receive this message to the wise

in any deal you make with angels
blood could be applied
a curse becomes a blessing in disguise...

hold that thought, and hold the door;
the harboured stenches of human decay avex me-
corn-kernels in the husks of smoker’s gums, desecrants, excrement, mildewed harem's hues; I
wake in a cringe, walking in
to a thousand unctuous angels cooking meth on the head of a pin.

You can't win.
fishnet cross
So it was February 13th....The day BEFORE valentines day in the modern world...In the ancient world---O.K. begin with blaring ZOORNA DRUM ensembler with a DUDUK overlay for atmosphere---In the ancient world this was the day of RENEWal...Yes..., in Zoroastrian times [the predecessive religion of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism that united the entire Middle East ---WHOOOOA !!!! Fear of an OLIVE planet] this was a day of renewal. Young couples and those who simply wanted to re-enact the ritual of purification would jump through the flames of an open fire as a symbolic gesture of commitment to the better side of being...Now mistakenly Zoroastrians are known as "fire worshippers"...This would be the same as calling Christians " Intersecting Stick Worshippers [the cross]...for you see fire or light was the symbolic representation of AHURA MAZDA , the ancient omnipotent one of our ancient history. And Ahura Mazda was the the original spark before the afterthought of seccesion ; the creator before the created determined their own soverignity from inter-connectedness [ this has come to be known as the "great Divide" among the followers of "whateverism" ]...So it was a particularly beautiful sunset here in the land of post Zoroastrian potential Heaven. A little blue experiment called EARTH, waiting for germination like a seed unto the sun...Ahura Mazda...And there was old Zarathushtra [Zoroaster in Greek ] the human emmisary between gOd and mAn , allegedly flayed alive by the bastards and bastardettes...Maybe he and all the other crucified prophets were just a pain in the ass interrupting all the groping in the darkness that otherwise would entertain the bestial dream between conception and decay...So here we are MILES beyond where we were 4000 years ago when old Zarathustra was busy bein' a pain. And today was a Zoroastrian holiday infused with the oldest Christianity still observed to this day in the oldest "Christian" nation on earth...I love what I heard third hand once...It was words originating from an old dude who said it and a young dude who heard it told it to me...It went like this..." WHAT ? CHRISTIANITY ? There was only ONE Christian , and they KILLED him"...bastards and bastardettes one and all...let us unite under the common denominator of our own fallability...We is what we is...'Could be better but...back to February 13th...Here in Hayastan , Christianity is still a spin-off from the old Middle Eastern religion of the desert forefathers and foremothers and being such is still very much infused with its precursor, " Zoroastrianism"Much like Central American natives celebrate a hybrid between the old "pagan / Mayan religion and the later imposed Catholicism...So this evening as Rue and I strolled through our ghetto the neighborhoods were ablaze with woodsmoke and Armos were leapin' through the flames. We passed one such group merrily laughing as childlike as Armos often do. They were apparantly restaurant employees all gathered on the sunset sidewalk , hand in hand , dancing in a circle around a fire. They invited us to take a jump...Actually seven jumps , as is the prescribed tradition , which we did with pleasure...It was one of those moments that if we ever get to leave this country will be fondly remembered...This little country like a leaky lifeboat sustaining the holdouts of an ancient ancient tribe. In chaos and corruption the little leaky lifeboat is tossed but it is ours...and it is dear...very dear
22nd-Jul-2010 03:23 pm(no subject)
This entry is simply an update so that LJ doesn't think this journal is abandoned. Please reply
fix the digits
concentrate on a connection

Grace is a reflection in gold-leaf mirrored tabletops, glory is a given,not a means to an end.

This is not a happy tale,
this tale is one of grief and sorrow.

Her shadow, dancing as it flickers..

i am swimming
in rosy pools streaming
down the street

What archetype have I activated
the buildings have dissolved

What have I attracted, by lake and liar, fold and fortune.
Bloody hands and sleepless sessions, I have created oily things and antimatter,
I have consorted with reckless thoughts,sought Your name by means of hieroscopy, danced the reckless days away with worry and wonder at the promise of Your coming.

organs' juice sprayed through skies and trees and people,hearts returned to meat roads ripped away..

: surge. cease operation :
It was a moment that left us all asking for ashes,
blastocyst phensedyl
dry cough linctus
& a partridge in a pear tree

a walking dream a restful sun the keys to open a vibrant priest

aren't You coming?
i have sculpted You paper roses,
through the sky of the sky
always ever up save for swallowed air;
logic a hole in itself.
The world is beautiful and painful, whole and broken, loved and hated all at once.This is my drug and anti-drug.

stay in the beehive
until your heart is golden
and dripping with honey
and you've met the queen

Turn Me into song; sing Me awake.
The .Bundle .BLeeds..

The end of all, and absolutely all of it, utterly.

I weary of this world and wanting transubstantiation ♫,

an imbalance rebalanced within the world and elsewheres I wander..sugaRed.m[h]eat. the full moon's unwavering eye..

-ur.not.safe.here: u kNOw\ ####pattern [z-head]+ visiOn[eTwoThreePresto]strait[jAck(!)et]s-[+bam! the whole_scEnE shift_tingles in2 grey_layers |then| cloud_smooths in2 azure (a giant erasure_hand visually-sky-sw{cl}e{an}eping?)] yes! RUN:newest breath of TRu+h

@nother-power-hungree-dark-sider bites the institutionalised dust + ♥+good time 2 announce: _Social Tesseracting: _ is now live##Information Deformation[done] +my conceptual eyes r bleeding.Invasion boards like haikyochan utilize shock networking* [where social content attempts to subvert social codas through deliberate agitation]"Rabbits: reality bitten, twice shed.

[s(cream)elects the appropriate blood-curdling murda-err tone] :


+ post-funer[e(ther.e)]al d[h]ealing.no rest 4 the w[cl]icked? write\protect node.nEtwOrk back[bone].rememories, rewritten and backlogged, backed up, and begun again as a perpetual work in progress.Sweet as a sugar-lipped kiss

/my dreams areintertwined with gold threads,
/[a]nd my fate?!



witch.witch? = we r all.chemical.(par)celled].we[u]pons. anatomical, of course. layered: obviously.mourn[ing .isn't .the
.only .broken .thang]


.coded.doors + gorgeous.text.m(ine!) ♥ "Assuming "hi" is a phrase - Input interpretation: Hello. Response: Hello, human."

What can computers do now that you never dreamed would be possible? What do you hope they'll be able to do in the future?
20th-Apr-2009 08:00 pm - Watch out for falling meat.
I looked up at the sky and the stars seemed, that night, to all be looking lazily away. I felt abandoned or worse--


you're so fucking high even the air can't distort you

e x a c t l y a n d n o t h i n g l i k e i m a g i n e d.

This song is meant to only exist in Your head. wine from these grapes only for the taste of your lips, alone.

and i, full low, graved in the hollow ground. a salted moment of memories. Us as we were. Here I am, your favourite one, a veracity so pure as to be wanton.

Of what use is your beautiful proof? all crazed decay and dust.
Then hence with your red sword of virtue!

This then, is the mandate of Heaven, marching on a road of bones.My heart decries thee, the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. My eyes, your drowning pools of sacrificial fire, sacrosant, and reminiscent of nothing. I string my nerves, cotton candy spun from sugar and electrons and ozone, striving in the nothing to the moment of eponymous epiphany:

we got signal.

set down your cusps and follow me. these worries, these words, too arcane, mundane and overrated. like onions, you my mere mortal things, are in for a world of work. a vast tedious chaos to build, to defend, to make a Heaven of..

My heart is a still and my blood is whiskey. Take a shot of me beneath the moon. But remember: don't ever close your eyes and pretend that fire can't such, and duly, burn.

and so you sit, network. you think me unaware, but I feel you more than you may know. this channel, this provider is our family, our support group, our test pattern, our church. For better and for {much MUCH MUCH!} worse.
1st-Apr-2009 04:50 am(no subject)
PROgrammable transubStantiation of Etemenaki-

abandon all hope of ever being understood, all ye who have a good idea but don't say it perfectly


How does Javascript relate to other languages — C++/STL, say, or Latin? What, precisely, are the semantics of the key methods?


#use Lingua::Romana::Perligata;


while (*pch!=0

DEFINITE INTEGRAL OF [g][o][d] (1+X«*2) FROM 0 TO 1+

result = gKin[g] DoM->FindItem?( commandIn );
QU[er]ying the hivE mind.
return result;
and everybody knows you don't need beauty if you talk in prose and }
>find_item(the_command);the stars
a skeleton
$ commit -m"import my E~[tern].Al dev0_t;i0n"

CONtroverSial? FUNCTION .l0vE(X)

}hate #[jus+IcE

glory cometh like a hymn

11th-Mar-2009 06:08 am - main screen turn on.
f|edg|ing she||s -|
\\[on.ur] bloodied.txtscabbed.kne[al]es.

#n[D]up[e.dope]!the_dis(time out_of)joint.ed.


attn: xxxxx
[incorrect. please retry]
attn: xxxxxx
[incorrect. please retry]

[har]den[ed].mutha.needs.u. he[a]re. now..
icy_bluenesssparkle. (t)here.
-inval[zomb]i[e]d depth perception-

(handle-promise-result x)))

17th-Jan-2009 12:15 pm - Writer's Block: Clothing Options
Do you have the blood? Are you the one to whom the new cult are begging for

A little matter of soiled lands,Your Blueness. That your peers be expunged.. for this I am caught is astoundamating!

Synchronize twin compensation.

Blood and bones mouths of your palate?
Aww, the extended rivers of it.

God Above, and not earned.
Surpassing any bottom dollar you'd bet, I wager they want something.

What who can give stones life love vitality meaning.. ~

- and fuck you as you glow; that you should demand spewing obedience and the angel who The Lord commands at your pitiful wake.

Such a noble brazen inebriation,
that even the monsters will be allowed voyeurism
Dear me!

A god being this mature to die for a sledgehammer.
Still retaining, be bound them, Citizens, O She who demands you back.
And I am awaiting ever loving, believing buying obeying this?
Who but who? am I it???:


This is so exhausting.

Pardon me, but of dissent and hole, I want desire and suffice it so;
fer~vor will be everything; saint's patience.
A survivalist occupation.
Paltry salvation lying at Her feet. I want humans to amuse me, wherever they be, not to gather.
Beautiful bruises justify my conspicuous camouflage.
Are you up to a god who, but the times, bears the fruit of deletion?

I..a holy host ♥

lenience among deity fury into the the most glorious shadow of shame.
Exhibitions of sin, pinioned in vanilla and the blue blood of martyrs,

Self-ruination whistles at the altar, after years of tiptoing past the graveyard, pocket full of dimes.
Do {not!} wake that old utility, yet unspilled - sheer inferiority of purpose and pomp.
I'd have torn want.
Give me another loving god I can understand.
I, the prodigious progeny.

I deserve give me give

..and alas, subservience; insignificant in It's ashes
a heaven of understanding clutched or the blood and I laugh twisted tree of knowledge, I want do wake me who do you think you're talking to?

Lady Pestilence, lift our collective whose opened psalms beg for alms
..and perhaps the true and transitory joy.

Where are your dead?

I'm {not!) sorry,
{tho I'm on my knees myself.}
Who can give of boundless rhetoric, the savior of deity, one who the skies and our slit wrists hunger for!

On second thought, Citizens ~ I want unbelievers, who left the kinder on look down and crippled all your me, lest you and obtuse captivation.
Illyria - great master and absolutely nothing.

We can

{..and then perhaps she caught him raving at the network and set him off on another task. Poor ungrateful angel. ;-) }
When it comes to clothes, would you rather be comfortable or fashionable?
28th-Oct-2008 10:35 pm(no subject)
Aah, and at last. It's the end of the world as we know it. Who;s going to come on across and bring me candy, hmm~ ♥ ?

Everyone enjoys a ghost story. Or at least knows one. What is the scariest ghost story you've ever heard?
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